F1 Qualifying LIVE: Russell beats Hamilton and Norris to pole position for British Grand Prix – reaction

11 George RusselRUS 6363 Mercedes fastest lap 1:25.8191:25.819 fastest lap 1:25.8191:25.819 Qualifying 3, fastest lap 1:25.819[Q3] 1:25.819 22 Lewis hamiltonHAM 4444 Mercedes fastest lap 1:29.5471:29.547 fastest lap 1:29.5471:29.547 Qualification 3, 1:25.990[Q3] 1:25.990 33 Lando NorrisNORTHERN 44 McLaren fastest lap 1:26.5591:26.559 fastest lap 1:26.5591:26.559 Qualification 3, 1:26.030[Q3] 1:26.030 44 Max VerstappenFAR 11 Red Bull Qualification 3, … Read more

Deadly disease-spreading ‘kissing bugs’ discovered in Delaware for the first time

FILE – Giant insect found at Walmart in Arkansas identified as Jurassic period insect The giant lacewing was common in eastern North America, but mysteriously disappeared in the 1950s. Scientists previously thought that increased light pollution and a decrease in raging wildfires in eastern North America may have played a role in its disappearance. NEW … Read more

Democrats call for ‘action’ against Supreme Court after Trump ruling on immunity

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to grant presidential immunity for official acts — which was expected to benefit Donald Trump in his Jan. 6 trial — has prompted renewed calls to remove or otherwise “aggressively surveil” conservative members of the court. The day the ruling was made, New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vowed to … Read more

Sources – Caleb Martin joins 76ers, likely as starter

Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPNJul 6, 2024, 10:44am ET Forward Caleb Martin has signed a four-year contract worth more than $32 million with the Philadelphia 76ers, sources told ESPN on Saturday. The 76ers have made a significant deal to sign Martin, a playoff-tested power forward and versatile defender who is joining Philadelphia after three seasons with the … Read more