Alabama supermarket removes ammunition vending machine

An Alabama supermarket has removed a vending machine after its legality was questioned during a pre-council meeting.

The vending machine doesn’t sell drinks, snacks or toys, but something completely different.

“I’ve been getting some calls about ammunition being sold in the grocery stores, vending machines, the vending machines,” Councilman Kip Tyner said during Tuesday’s meeting. “Is that true? I mean, I thought it was a lie. I thought it was a joke — but it’s not.”

The machine was made by American Rounds. The company posted a video on YouTube showing the installation of one of the machines in Pell City.

The video shows ammunition being delivered and loaded into the machine, and the safety measures taken to ensure the buyer is 21 or older.

The company’s CEO, Grant Majors, said in the video that it’s a way to safely expand access to munitions.

“We have a very secure automated vending machine. We can verify age, we scan a driver’s license, and then we do a 360 facial recognition scan for the purchase and match it to the ID. So the machines really provide an opportunity for safe, affordable, available ammunition sales.”

As for the Tuscaloosa supermarket, a Fresh Value manager said the store removed the machine on July 3 due to a lack of sales.

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