Beyond Good & Evil Switch Collector’s Edition revealed, pre-orders open next week

@GrailUK They’re fine if you stick to their stock items. I sometimes buy from them when they have restock sales, and all those orders have been shipped quickly. But if you pre-order, well…

I’ve only pre-ordered one item from them: the PC re-release of Maniac Mansion. I ordered it in March 2023 and it shipped in March of this year.

I say “started shipping” because mine still hasn’t shipped. Although there have been a lot of copies popping up on eBay and many influencers seem to have received theirs already. When I contacted LRG, I was told that orders are sent out in batches and that mine would be sent out at a later date.

That was three months ago. No progress since then. My order page even says it’s in stock and ready to ship.

So, pre-order if you want, but be aware that you are not guaranteed to receive your order on release date – or for months after. Honestly, I wish I had just gotten mine from an eBay seller, because then I would have had it now!

Oh, and there was also that thing where they sent out “Collector’s Edition” copies of games on CD-Rs without telling anyone beforehand. But that’s another story…

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