Man gets 4 months in prison for playing with Zelda toy sword

In addition to Bray spending four months of his life behind bars, he is also legally obliged to pay victim compensation surcharge of £154 (about $200).“We have a zero tolerance policy for bladed items in public and Bray was a victim of this. It is possible to find fidget toys that do not have six inch blades. It is possible to not walk down the street with them out in front of you,” said Sgt Spellman of the Patrol Investigations Unit.

So if you live in the UK and need to buy a new screwdriver, a packet of toothpicks, a pencil or any other object with a pointy end, remember that in the eyes of the police you might as well be John Wick, using these items for purposes other than those for which they were intended. It is in your best interest to simply carry such items in a bag.

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