Moving truck loaded with furniture caught illegally dumping in Skid Row – NBC Los Angeles

A moving van full of furniture was illegally dumped on Skid Row, exacerbating the area’s growing trash problem.

Dozens swarmed around the vehicle in downtown Los Angeles as several people unloaded the moving truck. A refrigerator, a couch and a mattress were among the many household items dumped.

One of the individuals can be seen using a cart to drag a refrigerator across the street.

City officials are now trying to determine the motive for the illegal dumping.

Councilman Kevin De Leon said dumping is common in the area as people attempt to illegally dump items or deliver items to those in need. Regardless of the motive, De Leon stated that dumping is illegal and can result in thousands of dollars in fines.

“You’re costing the city tens of thousands…hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing this,” De Leon said. “Because ultimately the city has to show up and clean it up and haul it away. That costs us money.”

Illegal dumping can also pose a safety risk and pose a fire hazard, the councillor added.

NBCLA has contacted the moving company but has not yet received a response.

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