‘Subway man’ Jared Fogle makes sandwiches in prison kitchen

Disgraced Subway salesman Jared Fogle has gone from hawking sandwiches on TV to making them in prison. And the convicted sex offender still has nearly five years left on his sentence.

Fogle, now 46, has been incarcerated at FCI Englewood, a minimum-security federal prison outside Littleton, Colorado, since 2016 after admitting to soliciting a minor for sex and possessing a trove of child pornography.

When he first arrived at the facility, he was assigned to the kitchen staff, where he prepared and distributed lunches to the other inmates.

Fogle was an advertising executive for Subway from 2000 to 2015. Film Magic

“It was kind of a joke,” said former inmate Pat Gannon, who served time in prison until 2021. “The Subway guy handing out grilled cheese. We used to laugh about it.”

Over the past eight years, Fogle has held various jobs, including cleaning and grounds maintenance. But recently, the Post has learned, Fogle has returned to his job in the kitchen.

According to FCI Englewood’s Inmate Admission and Orientation Handbook, the kitchen begins serving breakfast at 6:00 a.m.

Lunch is available during various afternoon shifts and dinner is served after all prisoners have been counted at 4:00 p.m.

Fogle, who is serving a 15-year prison sentence for sex crimes against children, is found in prison in 2021. Coleman-Rayner
Fogle has been incarcerated at FCI Englewood since 2016. Brian Cahn/ZUMA press conference

Fogle was the pitchman for a hugely successful advertising campaign for Subway after revealing he had lost 245 pounds by eating sandwiches for almost every meal. He earned millions of dollars from personal appearances and endorsements.

But in 2015, authorities received a tip that the perverted seller was involved in the sexual exploitation of minors.

Officers raided Fogle’s home and found about 400 child pornographic videos in his possession. Prosecutors said he frequently solicited escorts to “provide him with access to minors between the ages of 14 and 15.”

Metroman Jared Fogle with his giant pants after losing over 200 pounds. New York Post

Fogle pleaded guilty in August 2015 to a charge of child pornography and paying for sex with an underage girl after traveling from Indiana to New York City. He was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in prison.

In a handwritten 2021 letter obtained by the Post, Fogle acknowledged he was solely responsible for his incarceration.

“I made a huge mistake to end up where I am today,” the father of two wrote. “I was selfish and entitled… All I can do is learn from my mistakes to be a better person when I am released in a few years.”

The New York Post featured Jared Fogle on the front page of Thursday, August 20, 2015. suarez
Jared Fogle (center), a former Subway sandwich shop clerk, is arraigned in federal court in Indianapolis, Indiana, in this photo taken on August 19, 2015. REUTERS

Fogle is now indigent, spending less than $300 a month in the prison commissary. He is no longer represented by his expensive legal team. He spends most of his time watching TV, writing letters or sending emails through the prison’s messaging system, according to former inmates at the prison.

Fogle has repeatedly fought for a reduced sentence, but has never succeeded.

He must serve at least 85 percent of his term.

According to Federal Bureau of Prisons records, the earliest he could walk is March 24, 2029.

He will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

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