The Best TV Shows of 2024 So Far

Revamped thrillers, rebooted franchises, long-awaited returns, and a few originals so unique they’re almost beyond description: these are the series that have kept us glued to the small screen so far this year.

Is originality overrated?

Of the 15 entries on our list of the best shows of the year so far — listed in alphabetical order — four are based on books, several of which have already been adapted into films or movies. One is an adaptation of a play. Another borrows its title and some plot points from a mid-2000s blockbuster. And two are new entries in long-running franchises (one dates back to 1963!) that often start over from scratch with new leads.

Sure, there are shows on this list that are wildly original in almost every way. But a look at the highlights of the past six months is a reminder that being new is far from a requirement for being great.

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